Monday, November 26, 2007

The Kit 'N Caboodles

REVIEWS (as always 1-5 Molos):

There have been 2 big shake ups in the lists this time around-2 new #1s…I like to think of my top 10 lists being not unlike the college football BCS ranking system. There are 17 computers compiling loads of data and statistics to achieve an undisputable ranking system. Strength of schedule is always considered.

Course it's just one Molo's opinion, and subject to change at my whim.

The film that knocked off "Grindhouse" (no less) from #1 10 is No Country For Old Men. I thought I might be let down going into the picture…expectations were very high-Coen Brothers, the venerable Cormac McCarthy…but they managed to create a beautiful, haunting picture. Images from the movie have floated around my noggin' the last few days. Hats off to the brothers for letting the novel speak for itself and not putting a big Coen Style stamp over the material. Not a happy film, but a great one none-the-less. Expect an Oscar nomination for Javier Bardin (sp?) and maybe supporting for Tommy Lee Jones, as well as Best Picture, best Director, and Best adapted Script. 4.5 Molos

Speaking of Oscars, the Academy could pass out a bunch to the cast of Before the Devil Knows you are Dead and feel pretty good about their choices. This is not a happy film, let me warn you. Do you remember that movie, In the Bedroom? This movie is far less happy than that. Frankly, it's quite depressing. But one of the best works the great Sidney Lumet (Dog Day Afternoon, Network, etc) has crafted. Phillip Seymour Hoffman deserves another acting nod, Marissa Tomei another supporting nod, and even Ethan Hawke is great in this picture. Albert Finney (reminiscent of Peter Finches Howard Beale in Network-in look) is almost assured a supporting nod. Not that I give a rats ass who wins/is nominated for Oscars, but I'm just pointing out, if you love great acting, see this movie. If you love great filmmaking, see this movie, if you hate depressing movies, do NOT see this movie. 4 Molos

Not Speaking of the Oscars-I admit to renting Fantastic Four 2, on Netflix. It's terrible. I'm addicted to comic-book movies…that's my excuse. 1 Molo

MUSIC-Well, they did it again. Radiohead's In Rainbows is probably the finest album that will be released this year, even though it really wont be released until next year. Wait, so where do I rank it? Hmmm…well, lets just keep it this year. I only have a burned copy, and I'm sure the song order is all fucked up, but it's damn good stuff. I can't wait to get the actual album. I hate to be so unoriginal-I mean I wish I could have some unknown band be the tops of the list-that somehow the Sketchbook Project's blog broke this unreleased album the now huge band, "The Kit 'n Caboodles", which is sweeping the nation….but I'm afraid that's just not going to happen. Radiohead is too good. Incidentally, the guitarist has done the soundtrack for the upcoming Daniel Day Lewis film "There will be Blood". 4.5 Molos

Well, at least The Cave Singers are a little big unknown. I might be enlightening you a bit on this band. That is unless you live in Seattle, or listen to KEXP, or read Pitchfork, or generally are hip to the new sound. Course they and their album "Invitation Songs" aren't so much new/innovative as they are new takes on a bit of that folky, but heavyish rock…it's got some of that early 70s sound in it. And done very very well. Turns out this band comes from the ashes of the great Seattle bands Pretty Girls Make Graves and the Hint Hint. So there is plenty of talent at play, and they are on Matador, so I think they just might make a splash. But then again who can say. They are kind of part of that sound that Black Mountain and Whalebones are doing up here in the PNW. Contemporary throwback psychedelic indie folk rock. Yeah. 3.5 Molos (maybe a little higher)

Top 10 Flicks that I have seen, 2007:

1. No Country for Old Men
2. Grindhouse
3. Superbad
4. Eastern Promises
5. Before the Devil Knows You are Dead
6. American Gangster
8. 300
9. The Host
10. Shoot 'em Up

Top Musical releases that I have heard, 2007:

1. Radiohead In Rainbows
2. Kings of Leon Because of the Times
3. The White Stripes Icky Thump
4. LCD Sound System Sound of Silver
5. Imperial Teen The Hair, the TV, the Baby, the Band
6. Silversun Pickups Carnavas
7. Busdriver Road Kill Overcoat
8. Interpol Our Love to Admire
9. The Arcade Fire Neon Bible

10. Grinderman Grinderman
10. Explosions in the Sky All of a Sudden I Miss Everyone
11. Two Gallants Two Gallants
12. The Cave Singers Invitation Songs
13. Albert Hammond Jr. Yours To Keep
14. Film School Hideout
15. Talib Kweli Eardrum
16. Devandra Banhart Smoke Rolls Down Thunder Canyon