Saturday, September 10, 2011

NEPO 5K Walk don't run

Molorazzi did a 5K today.  Okay okay, truthfully I did drive part of the way, but still, I feel like I accomplished something, checking out this AMAZING EVENT put on by NEPO House.  The work that the organizers put into planning and funding this even and the work that all the artists did, should be applauded!  It's rare that such a fun, engaging, and community based art even ever takes place in Seattle and I am amazed at how well it was pulled off. 

Hats off to team NEPO:  Klara Glosova, Bond Huberman, Amanda Manitach, Leanne Grimes, Rumi Kushino, Todd Jannausch, Erin Shafkind, Susanna Bluhm Callahan, and Seth Damm, and all the other people who pulled it together.  

If you missed it, here's a sampling of images from the day, more-or-less in order of the events!

 Vis-a-Vis Society signing folks in


 Artists Cable Griffith and Curtis Erlinger represent NEPO

 Free swag at SOIL 

 string art by Ollie Glatzer

 work by Eric Olsen

Shawn Patrick Landis

 white-out blizzard navigation training performance art

 Susanna Bluhm and Chris Buening's colored rice installation being used as a slide

 Semaphore translation
 Amy-Ellen Flatchestedmama Trefsger performing 

 Kate Clark's Backbending Bench

 Erin Shafkind's Mini Mad Homes

 5K'ers checking out the installation by Ryan Worsley and Laura Dean

 Some of the art crew knitting with Mandy Greer

 Sarah Galvin reading poetry, the "home owner" was not having it

 Amanda Manitach's Free TV  (animation does not show up well in pics)

 Saya Moriyasu and Jeff McGrath's Babbit

 Mike Pham, on a car

 Zack Bent


Lots of art on display in NEPO house itself, and the neighborhood was essentially turned into a block-art party complete with music, beer garden , free tacos, art installations in the street and all over.  It was a great time, I couldn't really soak it all in, and fled to the solitary confines of Molo's fortress of solitude for respite, but what a fantastic event!

 Troy Gua's Colorbandz 

 I still love Klara's kitty sculpture

 Ginger bear?

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