Monday, September 8, 2008

There is NOTHING in southern Idaho

Last published on August 4th?!!!!!

Oops! I'm so sorry dear reader(s), I really didn't mean to get so far behind in my reviews, thoughts, and rants. Really I didn't. But then I went on vacation, got promoted, and started a massive push to get a shit-ton of work done (I'm sticking with the hyphen for shit-ton) for 2 big shows I have this fall.

So sadly I've neglected my blog like the ugly stepchild it is.

However, tonight I drank beer and did not do anything productive yet, and find myself with a few minutes to tell ya'll about a couple recent bits of culture I have encountered.

Let's start with Film-

Batman has eclipsed the $500 million barrier domestic, in only it's 8th week....that's a lot of clams. I still want to try to see the flick at IMAX, but the aforementioned issues are in the way....

however, some other fun, silly flicks did come out this summer, and I missed most of them except for Tropic Thunder which I caught while on vacation downtown Jackson Wyoming. I was pleasantly surprised by this silly, smart and sprawling film. A bit too much on the self-knowing side but still a good romp. And yes, there is the whole very walk-the-line story of the pretentious actor within the movie, who has skin altering surgery to play a black guy (the actor himself is Australian) but Robert Downey Jr pulls it off quite well and hell it was funny. The best part, perhaps, was the fake previews in the beginning....but also, there is one character, which I dont want to talk about, that was just perfect...and i was very surprised by the actor who pulled it off...very well done. 3.5 Molos

I am a guy, and guys, well, around my age, and younger, like watching Jason Stathom kick ass. We are sort of helpless against it. It must have something to do with growing up in the Arnold, Stallone, Steven Segal and Jean-Claude Van Damn era. Since the demise of those folks, no single actor has been able to dominate the same way they did. Sure Vin Diesel is trying, but he really hurt his street cred with those dramas and family films he's sneaking in....doesn't he know that you cant do that crap till you are a good 12 or so action films into your career? In any case, we have Jason Stathom, the underdog action star. B-action hero from the get-go, star of Crank (which features the most amazingly audacious sex scene i've ever seen in a non-porn flick) and the new film Deathrace. Really, what can I say? If you are into this movie you will have already gone to see it. And if you aren't then you wont see it. I was very entertained, but I never want to watch it again. 3 Molos

In Music:

The new Walkman album, You & Me, is very very good, maybe best record I've heard this year. It's a little less rock then their brilliant album Bows and Arrows, but still quite delicious. Smarter, more sneaky, and a little dirty feeling still. I enjoy it a great deal. 4 Molos

Okay, I have to get this published and get offline here...

but one more review-
the GZA, aka Genius, aka Bobby Digital (right? - sometimes i get my Wu confused). Has a new one out, Pro Tools, and it's very good. Pretty much it feels like an updated version of his seminal work, Legend of the Liquid Swords, even going so far to use some of the same music...but it has a freshness and good, strong lyrical content that pulls it off. Very strong if not innovative work. Quite enjoyable and will satisify all you Wu Tang fans out there who read my blog, cause I know there are a lot of you! 3.5 Molos