Monday, July 18, 2011

My review of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows part 2

Really, I just wanted to post a photo of the creepy as hell, bloody Lord Voldemort soul-baby thing that Potter sees when he is in his own head talking to Dumbledore, but I couldn't find any photos online. 

Oh well, sorry. 

HP7pt2 = 3 Molos (it all kind of just left me feeling "meh")

Friday, July 15, 2011

MadArt Homes Pre-reception Reception

Last night was the pre-party reception, the small affair, for the MadArts show and I would love to congratulate all the artists for putting on a spectacular, fun, engaging show!  Hats off to Alison Milliman, Brian Ohno, Ariel, Jessica, Rodrigo, Charity +everyone else and the slew of volunteers for producing a fantastic show and a great party!  Wonderful spread! 

Here's a few shots from the evening, and remember, everyone is invited on Saturday from 4-7 for the public opening!  Details here:  Mad Homes

Sunday, July 10, 2011

MadArt Homes Install: Sneak peek at some of the other works

Please keep in mind, all these works are still very much in progress!  Come see the show - July 16th, 4-7pm and July 17-Aug 7th, 12-7pm daily.  Details online here.  715-725 Bellevue Ave East.

Luke Haynes:

Allyce Wood:  

 Troy Gua (inside view of porch):

 Laura Ward in Planning mode (Meg Hartwig's work in progress in the tree on the right):

MadArt Homes Install : Final Weekend

Okay, I'm finally done!  (probably) All it took was two more 9+ hour days and a lot more help from my friends!  Thanks again to all my friends who helped out with the install - Jess, Sean, Brian, Rebecca, Emily, Lisa, Kara, Ian, and especially Laura!

Here's some more shots - and don't forget to actually come by and see the work in person!  The photos do not do it justice...(that's what artists are always supposed to say)

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

MadArt Homes Install Day 3

Only had a few hours to work this evening, and my back has been a friggin' nightmare, but I got some stuff done, and took some arty shots of the art!

I'm really excited about the shadows at sunset, and about how the porch piece frames the city and landscape.  It's doing excellent things.  

Thanks again to Laura for a bit of help, every bit goes a LONG way!


Sunday, July 3, 2011

MadArt Homes Install: Day 2

Got a lot more done on the wall piece today, thanks to the help of Sean Clemmons, Kara Weaver, Ian Schooley, and Becca.  SO GRATEFUL!

I was even able to get started on the porch piece while my friends slaved away at the cut paper project.

Saturday, July 2, 2011

MadArt Homes, Install Day 1

HUGE THANKS to Sean Clemmons, Jess Rees, and Laura Dean for invaluable assistance today!  There is no way I can get this project done w/out the help of my generous friends.

Here are a few shots from the installation, day 1, of the MadArt Homes project.  Sean and I painted the walls grey, then Jess, Laura and I tackled the big drawing, the hardest part being cutting out all the shapes with exact-o knifes!  Pain in the ass, but great progress was made.

I'm exhausted, but looking forward to more work.

I managed to install one of the sculptures on top of the drawing towards the end of the day - it looks very insane.  Violent, actually.  I'm happy with that and can't wait to install the rest.