Sunday, March 28, 2010

Report from Portland: PORTLAND2010 A Biennial of Contemporary Art

For any fan of regional contemporary art going to Portland to see Disjecta's presentation of the Chris Moss curated Biennial is an absolute MUST-DO. Exhibits and events throughout Portland's warehouse and gallery scene are happening right now and continue through May. Details here..

Here's a sampling of images taken primarily at Disjecta's lovely Interdisciplinary Art Center in the Kenton neighborhood of North Portland, and the Templeton Building just off of the Burnside Bridge. Both stellar shows. (stay tuned for a more thorough verbal account of the show later this week)

West Coast Turnaround by Crystal Schenk and Shelby Davis, was the first piece my friend Colby and I saw of this Biennial, and it really set the stage for the ambition and scope of the show.

All these first works were in the Kenton space. The black sculpture, Past Craft, is by David Corbett

a view of Warlord Sun King, installation by Bruce Conkle and Marne Lucas

I hate to say it, but I was reminded of Avatar.

Have and Have Not by Crystal Schenk

Colby entering the Templeton warehouse part of the exhibition

The Templeton show features 3 floors of expansive installations in a cavernous warehouse.

works by David Eckard

photos by Corey Arnold

In the basement we found
the aptly named Destroyer by Jenene Nagy

and a video installation by Pat Boas which very slowly told a story with pics of found words:

Upstairs, in the wonderful light, works by Oregon Painting Society (my favorite of the show), Holly Anders, John Brodie and Damien Gilley:

Enough art, time to head to Rogue for a beer:

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Is Fremont back? - The Louder The Sun

Very little interesting art has been happening in Fremont since Priceless Works closed a few years ago. Perhaps that will change if exhibits like The Louder The Sun continue to find space and audience in that formerly thriving artsy neighborhood. If last night's reception is any indication it may be ready for more art (and less frat-boy crowds?). I'm pretty sure that the entire Seattle art scene showed up Saturday night, from gallerists to artists, to patrons and friends, what a fun event! If you missed it, the exhibit will be open via appointment. Check here. Robert Yoder, Ben Waterman, and Noah Grussgott have put together a handsome show. I was especially drawn to Robert's new small abstracts. Sharon Arnold and Joey Veltkamp have both already given a lot of good words to this show, but here's a few pics from the opening reception-

"Fabulous Local Art"

In West Seattle, at the junction of California and Alaska, tucked behind Easy Street you will find Twilight Artist Collective, a delightful art boutique. Twilight boasts over 100 members who sell hand made goods that range from jewelery to T-Shirts to art toys to paintings largely created by Seattle-based artists. It's a really fun shop to poke around in and the best part, is the adjoining gallery space in the back.

I was invited to participate in a show here called 10 + Change, curated by local painter Kate Protage which 10 local artists who all made one 10" x 10" piece, and several smaller works, hence the name. Swing by West Seattle in the next week or so, as the show closes on April 2nd, and check out TwAC and the exhibition!

The show features works from: Michelle Anderst, Cheryl Robinson, Chris Sheridan, Ryan Molenkamp, Sharon Arnold, Zanethka Kralova Garwonski, Cristin Ford, Robroy Chalmers, Chris Crites, and James Caudle.

Check it out-

Shot of the Twilight wares, with a large work by Kate Protage prominent on the back wall.

Another interior shot

10 + Change installation view

above - work by James Caudle

work by Chris Crites

work by Sharon Arnold

work by Zanethka Kralova Garwonski

work by Cristin Ford (sorry for the reflections-these were quick snapshots)

work by Robroy Chalmers

work by Ryan Molenkamp (me)

work by Chris Sheridan

work by Cheryl Robinson

work by Michelle Anderst

looking West on Alaskan towards Cupcake Royal - mural by John Osgood

Monday, March 15, 2010

The Portrait Challenge

I have added 30 more pages to The Portrait Challenge Flickr page (here). Swing by and check 'em out!

4 of the new drawings were done by this 10-yr old girl who came into the studio early last First Thursday and sat down and started drawing with me. This was early in the evening, and it was mostly just the 2 of us in the studio with a few people cycling in and out of the space, checking out the art.

She was very polite and got really into the drawing-interactions like that really are what make the Portrait Challenge, such a lovely, simple project. Community and creating, that's all there is to it.

Oh, by the way...The Portrait Challenge will be headed to a major local music/arts festival at the end of this summer! Details on that to come.