Tuesday, September 11, 2012

By the Yard

I was planning on writing about my experience working on this piece for the By the Yard exhibition at Bherd Studios (opens this Friday, come to the reception!) but instead, I was interviewed about it, so you can check out what I had to say here:  "Collaborating with Strangers"

Cut Up Place, acrylic on board, 11" x 72" (to be cut up, potentially?), 2012 (forgive the rough photo)

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Bumbershoot Visual Arts 2012

Here are a selection of photos from the excellent exhibitions at Bumbershoot this year, notably the Skyward show and of course Elvistravaganza.  Additionally, there was a beautiful retrospective exhibition of Christopher Martin Hoff's work, including a display of his plein air painting set-up.  A very moving show.

 okay, this wasn't at bumbershoot...but damn
 neither were these guys

 I volunteered for Skyward, makings sure folks didn't get too touchy with some of the great pieces, like these houses by Deitrich Wegner 

 from the glass exhibition

 Christopher Martin Hoff


 Chris Crites
 Chris Sheridan
 Rich Lehl + Joe Park

 Kendal Tull-Esterbrook

 There's my map piece, upper left

Troy Gua