Thursday, June 2, 2011


Back with more awkward pics of art that caught my eye and some people who were foolish enough not to avoid me. 

Elizabeth Perkins at SOIL.  (above and below) I really dug the catcher's gear.

Julia Freeman with a huge, dynamic installation at Gallery4Culture.  Fantastic, creepy domesticity (as my friend Jameson mentioned) 
 A great deal of sound came from inside those bricks, the floor vibrated in front of it!

Jesse Higman and friends Lauren and Matthew

 Scott Fife's severed panda with purple eyes, what can you say?

 NEPO House supporters Bond (above) and Susanna (below) and another fella sell baked goods to fund raise for the NEPO House 5K race (walk don't run!)


 Darin Denison (these are not actual crystals, they are hand cut glass) at Lawrimore Project

 Courtney Branam

 Sam McMillen at Lawrimore

 Artists Brian Lane and Todd Jannausch (creator of Gallery 206)

 Gallery 206!  Surrounded by the craft tents in the park