Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Jentel Recap

Well, I'm home now, back in "the real world" aka the world in which I don't get to make art all day, otherwise known as the world in which I make a living and such.  The grey world and the green world.  You know i had not spent 5 weeks outside of Washington since way back in the 2nd grade, when I lived in Alaska.  2 weeks has been the max vacation time, and even that was rare.  Perhaps this is why when I was driving back - well driving to Portland for a couple days before returning home, that I was struck so hard by the sudden greenness  - when you are driving along the Columbia in OR, there's this moment, when all of a sudden, everything is green.  Super green.  Quite a contrast from the variations of brown/gold/red I was coming from.  Not to mention the blanket of white.  In any case, perhaps the colors of Wyoming will be what I really take away from Jentel...those yellow browns...the raw sienna, the white of snow, and the mud.  The reds. 

But no, what I really took away from Jentel, more than anything, was a strong desire to make art for a living - w/out a day job.  Pipe dreams?  Perhaps. Sure sure I have always wanted to do this, but having this opportunity, at the age of 35, to spend every day just making work, with little to know other worries, was so fucking great.  Why can't I do that forever?  I mean other than, well, my bills, my health insurance, the lifestyle I'm accustomed to - maybe if I didn't have to live like a baller I could pull this off.  But how can I give up my bentley and caviar habit?  No artist should be asked to sacrifice such things.

Really, though, Jentel was so great.  The whole place, the staff, the other residents, the experience...I shall not forget what that was like, ever.  For those of you wondering if living in Wyoming cured my migraineous/sinus issues - the answer is no, but living in such a nice, quiet space with such freedom did allow me to control how much noise, stimulus and stress entered my life, and that definitely allowed me to feel somewhat better.  But no, I'm not allergic to Seattle, or to work.  At least not physically. 

In any case, no one wants to read a blog, y'all want pictures!  So here's the last batch for Molo's Sketchbook.  I hope you all have had a great few weeks.

I gave my fellow residents (all 5, not just Erika and Joe)  something to remember me by

 does this really need a caption?

 the herd was not amused

 post holing 

 spring thaw at Jentel

 untitled (jentel 9) gouache and ink on paper, 2012
 untitled (jentel 6) gouache and ink on paper, 2012
untitled (jentel 24) gouache and ink on paper, 2012

 untitled (jentel 23) gouache and ink on paper, 2012
untitled (jentel  13) gouache and ink on paper, 2012

Monday, March 5, 2012

Day #20 at Jentel

Time flies. 

Only 8 days left here in Wyoming and I'm already sad to be leaving - it has been so fantastic out here at Jentel I've really grown used to this life of, well, just making art, thinking about art, and living in the country. Last week it seemed like winter was coming back strong - with nearly 10" of new snow falling one day and cold temps.  But the weather had turned once again- with sunny weather yesterday, today (59??)  and more sun in the forecast.  Spring is trying to show up here in Wyoming.  It just might stay nice for the remainder of my stay. 

I've been  productive, working on my new series of abstract shapes, kind of lake shapes, which I will be including in the May issue of L x W x H (more info on this project below) and working on a few more drawings, as well as a new acrylic piece on canvas - using what I have learned here at Jentel.  I've even done a new bear/suburb piece and a volcanic apocalyptic piece - themes I will be exploring more in the future. 

I've also had more time to hang out with the roomies - and the boys and I even got out yesterday to Devil's Tower - the geological monolithic marvel (Close Encounters of the 3rd Kind) about 2.5 hours east of Jentel.  Fantastic day trip, I was happy to see this big alarming rock bursting out of the landscape. 

Now let's get to the images -


 These are snap shots of a few of the 20 new gouache on paper works that will be included in the May issue of  L x W x H.  LxWxH is a bi-monthly art subscription - every 2 months 2 artists and one writer are featured in a box of art/writing.  Subscribers can purchase either that one individual month's issue, or they get a whole years subscription (12 pieces of art and 6 stories!).  It's cheap at only $130 a box - for 2 original works of art and an essay; or the year's subscription is really cheap at $700 - check out the website for details!  The March issue sold out very quickly! 
 Keep in mind these are only quick,  rough pictures of this work.

More art can be found further down in this post!

Here's some more landscape shots from around Jentel and the back hills:

 signs of spring? 

 well maybe winter is still around...

 Jentel isn't just about art, it's about food too

 Day trip to Bear Lodge, aka Devil's Tower

 In the lower right hand corner you can see the remains of the original rope ladder used to climb the tower in the 40s (i believe) 


 3 artists at the Tower (Charlie, myself and Joe)
 Prairie Dogs, as seen through my dirty windshield

Hmmm...coincidence or close encounter of the 3rd kind?  
 I'm not even sure myself, but it does get me thinking a lot about the geology of my new pieces.  

Here's a couple other new things I've been working on:

 untitled painting, in progress - acrylic and graphite on canvas
 The Lesson, gouache and graphite on paper, 2012


 Untitled , gouache on paper, 2012