Monday, July 21, 2008

$155 Million over the weekend.

This movie is already quite the success, and rightly so. It's really quite good. Well directed, far better than the first Christopher Nolan Batman. Interestingly character driven - as Batman should be. It refuses to fall into the cartoon-like realm of past superhero films. If any think, it's a little too sure of all the character's complex emotions and various developments and points them out with various dialog a bit too much...but that's jut nit picking a film that given the Hollywood parameters could not have been better. 4 Molos

One interesting point I'd like to bring up, though, is this poster above. I recall seeing this poster, or this image on Myspace, and thinking-that looks really cool, and also, man I can't believe they had the balls to use a image that is so reminiscent of 9/11. Yeah I know, I know, I'm the last person to every get pissed about such a thing, or really care at all. So I'm more just curious as to what the thinking was, there. Obviously any skyscraper/building getting blown up, especially by terrorist (such as the joker in this case) will remind us of past events-and I certainly don't think we should shy away from it. However-what I'm really wondering, is the marketing here...because that image from poster-with a gaping hole in the building, burning, was not in the film at all...not unusual for a movie poster to do such a thing-have a poster that doesn't use an actual film image. However, it's lack of being in the film (the image) makes it an even more conspicuous choice.

Did the Batman marketing team want to intentionally touch an emotional response in people with that image? Did they specifically think-this image is great for us, people will not only really pay attention to it because it reminds them of 9/11 but they will also think that the new Batman will somehow have the emotional weight of those events, and maybe even be about such a similar thing.

Which it was about- terrorism-totally anarchistic terrorism, but as pointed out several times in the picture, terrorism.

Well, food for thought any way.

PS I can't believe that I have actually ended up writing a post about 9/11 on my blog-that's the last thing I expected to ever do!

Best films of 2008 that I have seen:

1. Batman The Dark Knight
2. Speed Racer
3. Cloverfield
4. Ironman
5. The Bank Job
6. Be Kind, Rewind
7. Hell Boy 2
8. Indiana Jones 4
9. The Hulk
99. 10,000 BC

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