Thursday, August 18, 2011

Patterns and Patterns at Season gallery

  Peter Scherrer Orange Owl

 I headed up to Season gallery last weekend to check out the summer exhibition I was Talking with a Ghost, with works by Peter Scherrer and Rachel Kaye.  I was really taken into Peter Scherrer's Orange Owl, a nice large painting that reminded me a bit of Daniel Richter's works, but maybe that's a stretch.  Paul's works seem to have more to do with mark making, than the subject, and the white on the dark backgrounds only heightens this.  The marks form patterns, creating the subject almost as if by seems like these marks have to be something, these patterns should form they become trees, creatures, woodland scenes.

Rachel Kaye's work is also filled with patterns, although these are formed by a light but still dense use of colored pencil.  Her subjects seem more prominent, but at the same time, quite elusive in their patterned environments.  There is something compelling about them, but I couldn't quite get into the girls in these pictures, inhabiting these patterned places.  Perhaps that's why I was most drawn to the faceless girl in Untitled 4

Rachel Kaye's  Untitled  3, Untitled 4, and  Missoni IV

all images courtesy of Season gallery

Monday, August 15, 2011

Molo at the Movies: Rise of the Planet of the Apes

Is there much value in blogging about movies that have been out for a couple weeks?  Probably not, but hey, it says "film" right up there with "art" and "music" in my header and so here's a review of Rise of the Planet of the Apes. 

I must point out the effects team did a heck of a job at creating believable sideways glances from the star digital ape, Caesar. 

Caesar is a master of the evil eye and the knowing look.  I don't think I've ever seen a digital character pull off such things before.  Well done.  Props.  They also did a good job of animating John Lithgow. Oh Snap!  His performance was a bit reminiscent of Peter O'toole's turn in Thomas Kincade's The Christmas Cottage.  Legendary, for all the wrong reasons.  Okay Lithgow doesn't deserve that, he did a fine job. 

Aside from a few hokey moments the script was very well done and clever -the story takes a bit to really get rolling, but it's a good build up, and the scenes with Caesar learning and matching wits against Draco Malfroy (I'm sure the actor has a real name, right?) in the shelter are quite fun.  Plus, who doesn't love a Gorilla and a wise Orangutan kicking ass?  We know all know the apes are going to rise up; it's in the telling that you have any story at all, and this movie does a good job.  Best of the summer movies I have seen. 

4 Molos

Monday, August 1, 2011

Mad Home Away from Home Install

Big thanks to Akiko and Breanna for their help installing this piece, Exude, on Sunday!  The show opens Tuesday Aug 2nd, from 4-7pm, and will be on display through this Saturday, the 6th, only! 

At The Jacob Lawrence Gallery in the Art Building at the University of Washington. 

I'm very excited with how the piece came up, I know that UW is hard to get to, and it's only a short-lived show, but this is a big step for me while developing these sculptures...

Follow up to the last post