Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Culture Club

This year City Arts Fest has a destination spot for visual and performance arts - a placed called Culture Club at 411 Union street.  Lots of interesting things will be happening from now thru Saturday so I would highly suggest checking out the calendar online here and going to see it all!  Tonight was the free preview day, I didn't catch any performances, but I did get a chance to check out some of the installation works that will be up throughout the coming days.

 Part of 78 Carnations an installation by Ashleigh Rauen

In My Room a window installation by Linsdey Apodaca and MKNZ

 The very entertaining installation of drawings based on a found year book by Jessixa and Aaron Bagley called Grizzly 1971


 Andy enjoying a beer and the lovely wall pattern painting by Japhy Witte

 At the bar, you are offered a chance to take home a single blade of wheat grass, part of a work by Maggie Carson Romano

 Julie Alpert's fun and lovely Kaleidoscope Dressing Room

 more of 78 Carnations

 Rodrigo and Klara's Food for Thought for the adventurous diner

My little wheat grass blade finding a home amongst some other local art!

Friday, October 12, 2012

October BLITZ! Cap Hill art walk 2012

Tonight I went to The Pine Box to check out Vanessa Lang's work, Cairo to see Shaun Kardinal's work, Ghost Gallery For Jess Rees and Vermillion for Robin Crookall and Michael Alm - and caught some of the OCnotes set.  What a fantastic art walk, very epic and a nice distracting way to spend the evening before the very stressful (for me, but you all should come and have fun) day/night at the Frye tomorrow, as we have the reception for the Mw show. Also, please, if you see me tomorrow night, forgive the dazed look on my face, and don't even try to talk to me.  I'll be..distracted, to say the least. 

Here's some pics:

 Vanessa Lang @ The Pine Box

in progress shot of one of Shaun Kardinal's pieces - this image stolen from his website, as oppose to crappy blurry photo I would have taken.  Showing at Cairo.
Here's one of Shaun's completed pieces in the Cairo show, Connotation 38, borrowed from his website here

 Jess Rees @ Ghost Gallery

 Ready for your close-up Jess Rees?

 classic molorazzi pics

 More Rees - these magnet based pieces are way...I mean way better looking in person, they are so elegant, so simple but fascinating, go see them!

 More Jess Rees, Really liked these 2 works!  Sorry for the dark photos


 Red-eye pics of Michael Alm, Laurie Kearny and Robin Crookall

 Michael Alm @ Vermillion

 Robin Crookall @ Vermillion

 Robin Crookall 

Thursday, October 4, 2012

October Art Walk 2012: Small Voids + more (so many many)

Several great shows this month, including Todd Jannausch's Small Voids (one night only), Margie Livingston at Greg Kucera, the Teeth show at SOIL + Body Double , Declarative Sentences at Punch and The Pizza Residences: Expansion, Prohabition, War   at Gallery4Culture, to name a few!  Nice work everyone! 

Here's a mess of photos, especially a lot from the 100 voids, I don't think I got all 100 pieces, but I did capture a LOT.  I'm vain so I'll start with my piece, you know, for the "fans"....

 It's "Feldspar 5" shown here at night with the little LED lights going and a pretty smile in the corner.  I was fortunate to have got a spot just above Allyce Wood's lovely piece! 

But, before we get into all the rest of the 100 Voids, which surrounded the TK with their 100 magnet adhered plexi cases, here's a few snapshots from the more traditional gallery shows of the evening:

 Did you know I'm actually related to John Quincey Adams?  And John Adams too, if you would believe it.
 I really want to go back and take a closer look at this show- every president is represented, not only is it amusing, it's educational! 
 William Clinton, with a gift from Monica!

And of course:

From the Punch Exhibition Declarative Sentences featuring Allison Manch, Ries Niemi, and Mackenzie Boetes

 Allison Manch (above) 

 Mackenzie Boetes

From the Teeth Exhibition:   This show reminded me of the work of my friend Jess Rees, who has been doing teeth for some time - I think there is just something primal about teeth - I still have weird dreams about having teeth fall out and such. 

 A roughly cropped photo of one of Ellen Zeigler's lovely pieces

One of Margie Livingston's new works at Greg Kucera. I'm very impressed with how the work is developing - it's becoming more sophisticated as she continues to explore these different ways of painting without actually painting.  That block is layers of poured paint fashioned into that shape and cut. 

And now we have the 100 Voids!