Thursday, January 29, 2009

Not exactly Best Western


I love westerns, no doubt about it. I'll watch just about any western. I feel the same way about any post-apocalyptic sci-fi film as well. So I rented Appoloosa the other day. Sigh. Ed Harris is no Clint Eastwood. He has neither the acting nor directing chops of Eastwood. I only bring up the venerable Eastwood because this movie feels so much like Harris is trying to pick up that mantle.

In any case, the movie film is just not all that interesting. The best it has going for it is Viggo Mortenson, especially Viggo's facial hair. Jeremy Irons is somehow ingorable, Ed Harris is boring, pretty much everything is boring about this movie but the sharp looking western suites that Viggo and Ed sport.

Oh, and to top it all off, there is all this drama around a ghoulish-looking vamp played by Renee Zwelleger. She is simply ugly in this movie. Frankly she was never all that attractive, but here she looks outright scary. And her character is horribly written.

And, there's really not even much in the way of a good shoot out.

Only Viggo makes this picture watchable, he is a strong actor. You have been warned.

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