Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Bears bears and occasionally rabbits: The art of Luke Chueh

Normally I get really tired of illustrative art - the whole Juxtipoz, Giant Robot, High Fructose type of thing.  There are certainly tons of brilliant, talented artists working in an illustrative manner, creating fun, beautiful, and impressive images, but most often, they are just that:  fun, beautiful, and impressive.  Occasionally an artist will manage to rise above that whole scene and stand out by inflecting something more into the work...something greater.

One such artist is Luke Chueh.  Sure sure, it's basically just that his bears and rabbits are essentially the illustrated version of teenage angst.  The lonely soul, sad and misunderstood, and very dark at times.  But he manages to actually make these characters have believable emotions, which is extremely hard to do in illustration.  I actually feel sorry for those bears!  I buy it.  Nicely done sir.

Or maybe I'm still just on a bear kick.

In any case, a few of my favs are below, and here's a link to his website.  www.lukecheuh.com

One benefit of working in an illustrative style, like Luke has, you can make your ideas into so many products- prints, pillows, figurines, etc etc.  Sadly I don't foresee any Molenkamp pillows coming out anytime soon.

This might also be why I'm broke.

Just fantastic!

Kind of knocking his own work with this one, well played Luke, well played

Sad dj bear, he tore his record!  

all images borrowed from various sources on the interwebs

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