Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Headache medicine

106 Place, acrylic on panel, 30" x 24", 2012

I finished this recent addition to my place series and sent it off to Greg Lundgren to install at The Hideout (my other work there sold - I always like having at least one piece up at the Hideout - if you don't know Greg curates a ton of local artists on the walls of this art bar, and they make a fine martini too)  I wrote some time ago in these pages about giving up on my place series, focusing on new work, more representational and having the abstract work go in other directions....

....well, I am doing those things, for certain, however, I've also come back around to playing with some of these older ideas.  I'm not entirely sure why, in part, I just have more images in this series to explore...in other ways, it has more to do with the process and with my migraine symptoms.  In all honestly, it is a bit easier to go with what I know while I struggle with these recent health concerns.  Working on paintings like this one, can be more relaxing as I have a stronger sense of what I can do with it, what I will do...it's not as much of a struggle and fight on the panel, it's more of a groove, I can lose myself easier, with out the headache(s). 

And hell, I'm still enjoying them.