Monday, March 31, 2008


Well, I suppose it's technically still March...but it's almost April. And it snowed, last week. What's up with that? I love the snow, I always have, however, frankly, this is a little ridiculous. I don't really want snow in April. I'm ready for the sun! Spring! Flowers blooming, love is in the air- and all that crap. Instead we get freezing rain and snow showers. Sheesh.

Plus, it's not like there was any hope of it sticking and shutting down the city-if that had happened we would have at least had a chance of not having to work.

Well, despite the weather, art goes on. We are having another exciting opening this week at Fat Tiger. The artist Jess Rees will be showing and playing music in her band, The Western Cup. Check out www.myspace/fattigergallery for details. The above photo is a few of her sculptures next to one my paintings that will be hanging on Thursday as well.

Moving on...

I'm 31 now, and one might thing that I'm beyond the days of drinking too much. Well, the events of Saturday night would sure indicate that that is not the case at all. I will not go into too much detail, except to say that the old saying of "beer before liquor-never sicker" still holds true. I do remember all the embarrassing details, so don't worry, it wasn't bad. I did find myself at the WarRoom for Hip Hop night. Late. Quite the meat market-exactly the opposite of bars I normally frequent. The insanity of the whole "why am I here" problem may have led to my last couple unnecessary awkwardness and all. To avoid having to talk to any of the idiots in the place I mostly hung out on the rather pleasant deck. Then, to cap off the evening, I slipped on the stairs on the way out of the place.

You might say that the slippage was due to a slight intoxication level...I shall not argue the point, however you might also note that I was wearing very slick shoes, and I think that people had spilled beer all over those rubber stair, thus creating a trap!

Well, I got out of there and headed right home, but decided to stay up and watch a flick, in a feeble attempt to drink a lot of water and eat before bed. the flick, well my dear readers, let us move on to the reviews:

Rocky Balboa on dvd. COMPLETELY UNWATCHABLE, unless you are drunk, then it's only semi-unwatchable. 1 Molo

Nada Surf at the Showbox Excellent show! Nada Surf have really turned out to be a wonderful band. They played a great set, very enjoyable. They even played "Popular" dedicating it to the owner of Barsuk, which was quite amusing. (Popular was Nada Surf big hit song from their first album-the song was a #1 single I think, made 'em lots of money and they were on a major label because of it...then were dropped because they didn't make any other hits-hence being on Barsuk for their last 4 albums-and that's why it's funny-if you care) Great show though! 4 Molos

The King of Kong on DVD. You have to watch this fascinating documentary about 2 men and the high score in old school Donkey Kong. Trust me it's way better than it sounds. Completely hilarious and touching as well. Make sure and catch all the extras too. It's a compelling story and one of the best films that was released in 2007. 4 Molos

A bit of a snowy view from my window. Not really a good shot-the stuff was coming down impressively.


carrie said...

Yup, it was a trap! :)

Brown.Nick Brown said...

glad you liked King of Kong. I thought it was one of better docs I'd seen in a while...