Sunday, July 13, 2008

Big Green

OKAY ANDY, I'm back.

Apologies to you all for such a long delay between blogs-I hope that everyone has found interesting things to do in my absence. Like rollerblading in the park. Do they still call it "rollerblading"? Or did that term stay in the 90s?

In any case, I am truly sorry for such a delay, I am way behind on all the reviews of arts, music, film, and culture so let's just get to it-

In Arts:

At Fat Tiger we had an excellent show of whimsical Illustrations by Erin Kendig that was madly successful. In fact, that night in general (July 3rd) was great all around! Cait Willis' new gallery 108 Occidental did very well; I hear they sold at least 8 works that night! Between that and all sales at Fat Tiger I would like to thank the Seattle Arts community for completely ignoring all the bullshit about the economy being in the dumps and buying art!

In Music:

Sigur Ros released another excellent album a few weeks back. They are quietly building up a huge body of work-perhaps they are trying to outsell Bjork to become Iceland's most successful act of all time. But somehow I doubt it. I wonder how it would sound if the Sigur Ros and Bjork collaborated? I wonder how many people have suggested that? In any case, their new album Meo Suo I Eyrum Vio Spilum Endalaust is quite good. I little more mellow and not as insanely brilliant as say the parenthetical album from a few years ago -if you are unfamiliar, they actually did release an album with the title of () - but it is still very lovely music. 4 Molos

Are the Silver Jews becoming normal? Their new album would seem to indicate that might be the case. Either that or maybe David Berman is finally starting to sober up. No songs about K-Holes or horses with legs that "look like four brown shotguns" here. Just a solid batch of alt-country/folk songs with I'd say stronger influence from his wife and SJ member, Cassie. This is not such a bad thing, however it is a bit of a shift from previous albums. Good, but not nearly so innovative or daring, Lookout Mountain, Lookout Sea, is David Berman growing up. I hope he doesn't grow up any more. 3.5 Molos

I caught an excellent show at the Sunset Tavern last night, Fishboy, Tullycraft, and BOAT. Hella fun. That's right I said Hella. All of these bands put on excellent shows-Tullycraft and BOAT are both local fun pop indie light-but still rocking bands with excellent stage presence. I haven't heard any of their releases, but I'm sure they are worth checking out. Fishboy was very good as well. Very good indeed. 4 Molos

In Film:

Seems to me, this year, whenever I have gone to the movies, it has been to see mainstream Hollywood crap. The last few weeks have been no exception. I caught The Hulk the other day. Not much to say about it, really. Yeah, not much at all. I really like all the actors involved, and I had high hopes...kind of...for this version of the lovable big green guy, Entertainingly bland. Wouldn't it be nice to see one of these big superhero flicks really pull out the stops and make a picture? I suspect the closest thing we will ever get to such a thing is next weeks highly anticipated Batman sequel. I'm rooting for the Joker. The Hulk: 2.5 Molos

Some filmmakers are at least trying to make adult, fun, silly action flicks-like that Russian guy who make Daywatch and Nightwatch (the 2 most successful films in Russian Cinema history-despite being totally incomprehensible) who has brought us Angelina Jolie in Wanted, curving bullets left and right along with plot points, if there was a plot. I appreciate a nice silly, violent, R-rated, flick and at least it tried to deliver on those fronts. However, it really felt like they cut out about half the movie-very poorly edited. At one point, Morgan Freeman, actually utters the line, "This is the Loom of Fate". Yep, it's about weavers. 2 Molos

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