Monday, August 24, 2009

The Current Cinema - Inglorious Bastards

Oops, wrong poster.....I saw Inglorious Bastards on Saturday.

I was speechless. Part of that was exhaustion (long week, not feeling great, etc) but part of that was simply that Quentin Tarantino's newest is just superb film making. What an unexpected film-going experience.

I have not seen the original "The Inglorious Bastards", nor have I seen the 30s/40s era German films that are constantly referenced but I still enjoyed the hell out of this movie. Quentin has developed the strangest knack for creating movies with tons of long, drawn out dialog scenes that you keep waiting to end in someone getting shot in the face or some such thing, and they do, on occasion end that way, but often they simply end when the conversations naturally end between the characters. Damn if it doesn't work. Silly, smart, UBER CINEMA-O-PHILE stuff, but simply glorious. Yes, I had to use the word glorious in this review.

If you saw the previews and are expecting a violent, silly romp, this ain't it. Although there's plenty of violence, silliness and romp. Honestly, trying to describe this movie is challenging-it is truly genre-bending.

Oscar to Cristoph Waltz, he owns every scene he is in. Maliene Laurent is stellar as well. Brad Pitt has a ton of fun. Great stuff all around.

I'm just going to just shut up and tell you to go see this damn movie. 4.5 Molos

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