Sunday, October 25, 2009

Art Quickie #6 - Karen Sargsyan

Firstly, sorry for the very gray photo. this work is much more vibrant and pretty, but my cell phone is not a good camera. Look here for better pics: Karen Sargsyan or search.

Ambach & Rice is the new hot gallery in town, if you haven't heard. I stopped by with Nicole on Saturday to check out this show Abroad Understanding, by Karen Sargsyan. Very strong show! My first impression of the work was that the figures had a very NW coast Salish and also Inuit feel to them...I thought it likely this was a local, maybe Vancouver artist...however I was off base on that.

Karen hails from Armenia, by way of the Netherlands. His figures tell the story of a usurped king. Clearly borrowing on myth and legend from several sources. Really I didn't get too into the story so much, I just enjoyed the beauty and craftsmanship. Karen is a master of cut paper, a trend in recent contemporary art that is getting more and more sophisticated. I can only imagine the challenges of trying to pack up and ship these fragile creations!

Okay, this is an art quickie, right? So i better cut it off here. However, let me add that A & R are starting off strong in Ballard (they've taken over the OKOK space) and they might be a strong start of making a case for Ballard (and Cap Hill) to become replacements for the Pioneer Square scene, as downtown continues to push galleries further and further away. This show is one of the stronger gallery shows I have seen in recent memory, it's a museum quality exhibition, and it will be interesting to see how it plays out in Ballard.


Joey Veltkamp said...

Hey Ryan!

Can't wait to see this show. It's the still the same great folks (Charlie & Amanda) who started OKOK Gallery (originally up on north Capitol Hill) but at the beginning of the year, they changed the name to Ambach & Rice.

Molo said...

Ah, thanks Joey! I never really knew what was going on over there in Ballard, which, to many of us Cap Hill folks, can feel like Nome. Even though I do remember OKOK from its Cap Hill really they aren't the new hot gallery at all! Just a hot gallery. With a good show, that everyone should see.

Anonymous said...

Dear Molo,
Karén is my brother ;).Thanks you for nice words about him.
Just wanted to tell you that he comes from amsterdam(netherlands), not from denmark.

Molo said...

Thanks Lucy! I have fixed the references. Sheesh I really got some basic facts wrong with this post, which is a shame because it is such a great show.