Thursday, February 11, 2010

Capitol Hill is the new Williamsburg

Two good shows opened up tonight at Vermillion and Greg Galleries on Capitol Hill. Go check 'em out. "BFF" Excerpts From The Friends of the NIB is at Vermillion throught March 7th, and features tons of work by the local cartooning scene, and friends. Curated by Jonathan Morris and Cait Willis.

Parallel Universe at Grey Gallery (through April 2nd) features some of Seattle's premier artists, Berk, Cowie, Elliot, Offenbacher, Veltkamp, Webb, Guerrero, Mitchell, Park, etc etc...but there's a catch. The works are not what the artists are typically known for. They are experiments, odd-ball pieces, changes in direction that were never followed up on, some doodle-like sketches that seem to be almost a release for the artists. The kind of thing you might do when you can't think of anything else you want to be working on. Or the kind of thing that might lead you down a different path altogether. Process, really, is the theme of this show. Process and freedom.

Grey and Vermillion continue to build the case as Cap Hill being the Williamsburg of Seattle's art scene with these excellent shows. Go check 'em out!

artist David Lasky next to his drawings

artist and curator Cait Willis next to her drawings at Vermillion

work by Joey Velkamp at Grey Gallery

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