Sunday, March 21, 2010

Is Fremont back? - The Louder The Sun

Very little interesting art has been happening in Fremont since Priceless Works closed a few years ago. Perhaps that will change if exhibits like The Louder The Sun continue to find space and audience in that formerly thriving artsy neighborhood. If last night's reception is any indication it may be ready for more art (and less frat-boy crowds?). I'm pretty sure that the entire Seattle art scene showed up Saturday night, from gallerists to artists, to patrons and friends, what a fun event! If you missed it, the exhibit will be open via appointment. Check here. Robert Yoder, Ben Waterman, and Noah Grussgott have put together a handsome show. I was especially drawn to Robert's new small abstracts. Sharon Arnold and Joey Veltkamp have both already given a lot of good words to this show, but here's a few pics from the opening reception-

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