Sunday, May 23, 2010

I got a Burrito in the mail!

Local artist Julia Freeman sent me a copy of the debut issue of a new hand-bound quarterly publication called The Burrito and it is completely delightful!  This issues is centered around the theme of Coping, and features writing, art, and an interactive "activity booklet" by contributers Laurie Kazanjian, Celeste Cooning, Cristien Storm, and Larry Sommers. 

I haven't had a chance to read all the writing yet, but I'm very excited by the object itself, as well as the ideas behind it - here's what the creators have to say about The Buritto:

The Burrito is a quarterly publication that wraps up 4 thinkers, doers, and dea makers that have the same sensibility about a central topic, while providing support and connections in the Seattle community.  The topic is handed to each person as a launching point in hopes the dive deeper into their areas or branch off into a new spectrum.  The idea is to build connections between a local Seattle population by dissolving specialization and encouraging collaboration.

The Burrito provides a space for people to take chances on 5 pieces of paper.  The publications are bound by all participants at a dinner party.  While binding each publication, the members of each quarterly decide how it will be distributed, how much it will be sold for/cost, and how many will be published.  The group also purposes the new topic for the next issue and recommends two of the four people to participate in the next issue.

And here are some images of the publication:

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