Saturday, November 13, 2010


That's right, the Molorazzi went out for Blitz last Thursday and some some great art and had quite a night!  Thanks to all my friends for making it a fun night!

Here are some Molorazzi pics - I did a very bad job of documenting all the interesting stops and hardly shot any pics of art work, so basically it was a typical Molorazzi outing.

Artist Jess Rees by her feather drawings at Veloria
Curator/artist Amanda Manitach and artist Kimberely Trowbridge at Kimberely's show at The Living Room (you were right about the devil eyes Kimberely, sorry!!!)
 Jim Demetre at The Living Room

Artist Zoe Williams at her solo show at Ghost Gallery!  Congrats Zoe on a handsome and successful show!  

 Artists Amber Anderson and Michele Anderst at Ghost Gallery
Is that Leonard? 

Artists and friends at Local 1520 (above the old Grey Gallery)

 Artist Greg Boudreau

 Artist Roy Powell in front of some of his car paintings
 Artist John Osgood getting down low at The Loft Gallery Artifakt art show
 Brian Cypher, Amanda and Damon at Penetration at Unicorn!

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