Friday, February 11, 2011


Last night I hit up my 3 favorite galleries on Capitol Hill, The Living Room, Ghost Gallery, and Vermillion, to see the 3 exciting exhibitions that opened - here's the images I got:

 Klara Glosova's Hot n' Cool and Bittersweet at The Living Room

 Klara made so many popsicles, this show was delightful!  Popsicles with real chocolate on them, popsicles with felt covers, popsicles elegantly painted/glazed...just dozens of them in every hidden corner and crevice at The Living Room! 

 And a video animation of a clothed popsicle in the wind....
 Artist Saya Moriyasu and Jeffrey heading to the Living Room
 Architect Sarah Durkee and artist/animator Laura Dean outside of The Living Room

 Artist/mobile gallerist Todd Jannausch (caught in an awkward moment) and Klara Glosova
 Curator/artist Amanda Manitach and artist/musician/culinary genius Damon Mori

Then I headed up to Greg Boudreau's show at Ghost Gallery:

 Artist Zoe Williams, artist/curator Cait Willis, dancer Brittany S, and artist Greg Boudreau, at Greg's show
 Some of Greg's amazing work

 Detail, showing some of the stencil technique used in Greg's work
 Art lovers Lauri and Jared at the show
Musician Brian Cervino and filmmaker Matthew Witschonke at Greg's show

And finally, I headed up to Vermillion to check out the work by Karen Hackenberg and Eddie Radar
Karen does work referencing environmental degradation, with a whimsical twist.  These images do not do justice to her use of gouache.

 In addition to the paintings, Karen has also made these delightful sculptures with tiny figures and matches, I really enjoyed these works a great deal!

 These star shapes are formed with parts from beach-washed up fireworks

  One of the paintings by Eddie Radar, who has a kick ass artist name! 

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