Thursday, August 18, 2011

Patterns and Patterns at Season gallery

  Peter Scherrer Orange Owl

 I headed up to Season gallery last weekend to check out the summer exhibition I was Talking with a Ghost, with works by Peter Scherrer and Rachel Kaye.  I was really taken into Peter Scherrer's Orange Owl, a nice large painting that reminded me a bit of Daniel Richter's works, but maybe that's a stretch.  Paul's works seem to have more to do with mark making, than the subject, and the white on the dark backgrounds only heightens this.  The marks form patterns, creating the subject almost as if by seems like these marks have to be something, these patterns should form they become trees, creatures, woodland scenes.

Rachel Kaye's work is also filled with patterns, although these are formed by a light but still dense use of colored pencil.  Her subjects seem more prominent, but at the same time, quite elusive in their patterned environments.  There is something compelling about them, but I couldn't quite get into the girls in these pictures, inhabiting these patterned places.  Perhaps that's why I was most drawn to the faceless girl in Untitled 4

Rachel Kaye's  Untitled  3, Untitled 4, and  Missoni IV

all images courtesy of Season gallery

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