Friday, December 9, 2011

Molorazzi: Reception for the Matryoshka show

Okay, most of these pics are going to be of the art, not of people, so it's not exactly a proper Molorazzi post, sorry fans, but still, check it out!

The show was excellent, a very great crowd and tons of great work.  All of the artists did incredible pieces for this show, these Russian nesting dolls look fantastic! Big thanks to Michael Alm for asking me to participate, and to Laurie Kearney for offering Ghost Gallery as the venue!  Good job guys!

Here's my piece(s) for the show, I called them "The Abstract Lithuanian"  (my grandfather was Lithuanian)

Allyce Wood and Joey Bates shared a shelf, lovely pieces!

Curator Michael Alm on Q13 FOX NEWS (say it loud) - photo of TV by Zoe Williams

 Laurie Kearney 

Mary Elise Bolam

 awkward shots of artists in the show (there's Michael, Chris Crites, Jess Rees, Troy Gua, Allyce, Joey + more)

Zoe Williams (these are intricately carved!)

Kendel Tull-Esterbrook and Jess Rees (click to enlarge photos)

Michael Alm and Cait Willis


Kelly Lyles and Rich Lehl

 Chris Crites and Jody Joldersma

 Troy Gua did a lovely photo series with his dolls, much better in person than this lame shot

I failed to take my own photos of these next two great pieces, but check them out:

 Jessica McCourt (photo from Ghost Gallery website)  and Stacey Roszch (photo courtesy of the artist)

Brian and Ghost Gallery owner/artist Laurie Kearney

Me, making angry face with tired eyes, and Jess Rees

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Molo said...

I was sorry not to get a shot of Jessica McCourt's amazing pieces. They were fantastic, she's got skills.