Sunday, January 29, 2012

Onn/Off art festival

Seattle needs more of this kind of thing.

The Onn/Off art festival, happening this weekend (through 7pm today, you can still go!) has been a fantastic success.  I'm very impressed with Jim Demetre, Sierra Stinson and Susan Robb who worked hard to create this massive warehouse show and put together such a fantastic event.  Their aim, for this light-based art show,  was to:

" create an environment that not only lets people escape the cold and solitude that comes with Seattle’s winter season but to build a warm and energizing experience that might produce enough radiance to help see Seattle through the rest of the winter."

They did that and then some.  There was something wonderful about going to an art opening of local emerging and established artists, full of life and innovation, with workshops and performances in addition to the art pieces, in such a large, space.  Really, it's that large space that makes all the difference. 

Most non-museum art openings in this town are in small galleries, where we are often elbow to elbow, spending energy to avoid bumping as opposed to being able to actually view work.  Sure you can come back and see the shows when its not the reception, but 90% of your audience will come during those opening/closing events.  A huge warehouse show like this allows for the party (and a party it was - with a beer garden and an amazing, fun performance by the delightful Bran Flakes) and for folks to actually see the work. 

There are a lot of empty warehouses in this city.  With all the great enterprising curators and artists in this town, we have the opportunity to create many more events like this. 

Here's some pics from the events.  I didn't get all the info on the art/artists this time, so just enjoy the images:

(also, I haven't really mastered my low light shooting ability with this camera...oh well)

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