Saturday, February 25, 2012

Day # 10 at Jentel

We are a week and a half into this residency at Jentel.  It has been fantastic so far, fantastic and productive.  Highlights would include visiting Kings Saddlery + Museum, seeing a country jam session at the Occidental Hotel, and visiting the rival residency program, Ucross, just 10 miles down the country highway. It's been snowy, crazy windy, icy, sunny, melty, rainy, cold and kind of warm at times.  Other than the aforementioned places visited, the residents and I have gone into to town just twice for provisions and such - pretty much we spend our time in the studios working hard, with the occasional break for meals and bullshitting around the fire.  Oh yes, and I did watch Blade one night too.  (Hey Dad, I also watched a bit of that golf tourney last Sunday with Phil and Haas and some other crazy guy going to a playoff?  Did you see that finish, it was insane!)  

I shall spare you in depth musings on how this residency, this place, has changed my work... for now.  What's evident is that the time, the freedom, the stress-free environment has allowed me to really delve into some things, some ideas, that I simply had not the time, energy and means to at my home studio.  Wouldn't it be wonderful to live such an existence indefinitely?  

Any who, here's some pics:  

 This is what going for a walk along the road looks like. 

 Where's my gun when I need it? 

 snowy overcast day at Jentel - this is a view of the house we are staying at

 Buffalo, Wyoming.  Not a one horse town.  If you ever travel I-90 through this area, stop in Buffalo and visit the Occidental Hotel.  The historic western photos in the lobby are worth it alone. 
outside the bar at the Occidental

 The stars...oh the stars.  One forgets...

 one view of the living room/kitchen of this massive residence we are all living at. The decor...the decor...
is something to behold.  I really can't even describe it. 
The residents and I went over to an art opening at the gallery at Ucross, the nearby residency.  They have quite a set up over there too - a very nice gallery space and several buildings spread across the ranch.  I didn't explore it too much, but if you are looking for artist residencies to apply for, Jentel and Ucross should be high on your list. 

Oh, and have been making some art:   

 several small gouache and ink works on paper

 untitled drawing (jentel 3) , ink on vellum
  untitled drawing (jentel 1) , ink on vellum
  untitled drawing (jentel 2) , ink on vellum
  untitled drawing (jentel 5) , ink, gouache, and graphite on paper
untitled drawing (jentel 4), ink, gouache, and graphite on paper

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Anonymous said...

Ry, Do you remember, when you were very young, that one of your favotire bedtime books was "The Album of Rocks & Minerals?"

Just sayin'

I like this work!