Thursday, April 11, 2013

BLITZ - Capitol Hill Art Walk April 2013

The Molorazzi snuck in and out early tonight but caught some good work at Ghost Gallery, Blindfold, Joe Bar, and Vermillion.  Mostly captured art works tonight, very little in the way of the peps...but's a few pics!  (as always, apologies to the artists for ugly snap shots and the like)

 Zoe Williams at Ghost Gallery
 more Zoe:
 hey I still have a few framed prints up at Ghost Gallery!  
And this very nice display table of the mini-works:

 A detail of the artist statement/graphic novel the prolific and talented  Tessa Hulls created for her show at Joe Bar:

I think we all have felt this from time to time

 really lousy picture of one of Tessa's lovely paintings - go check the show out in person, this image is a teaser at best.

 ran into a few of my favorite peoples outside of Joe Bar

 The famous comic Emmett Montgomery walked me from Joe Bar to Blindfold Gallery, and showed me this crazy Russian statue I never saw before on the way.

 rough pics of Rodrigo Valenzuela's work at Blindfold Gallery

 The artist himself, having just enjoyed a delicious tamale


details of one of Greg Boudreau's works on the red transit wall.  

 a lovely Amanda Manitach in a golden frame


Pretty cool public street gallery - Interstitial theater was installed outside of Vermillion this evening, showing "Reel 1" featuring 7 video artists from across the country, including locals Erin Elyse Burns, Rodrigo Valenzuela, Cody Groom and Dakota Gearhard as well as Jesse Sugarmann (CA), Ellen Mueller, (WY) and Sean Deckert (AZ)   You can catch it next in Phinneywood on May 10th, for the Greenwood Art Walk and West Seattle on June 13th.  Check out for details yo. 

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