Tuesday, January 22, 2008

The Fire Dragon turns 31

January 22, 2008.

It’s the 31st anniversary of the morning after my mother saw the film, “Silver Streak”, which was, apparently, very funny. Funny enough to induce. Labor. Which was great for her, especially since I was due on January 1st. As you can imagine, I was a fairly large baby, something like 9lbs, 6 oz or maybe a little bigger. Had to have my fingernails cut right away. A lot of theories abound as to why I stayed in the womb so long. I can’t rightly say, except that I really enjoy sleeping in.

Thanks for not waking me up, Mom!

Any who, I am an Aquarius, like John Belushi and Michael Hutchence, were also born on Jan 22. I am also year of the Dragon…Fire Dragon. Which I think is pretty badass. I don’t know what it means but I’m sure that I’m destined to rule the world. Wouldn’t you agree? I think the first step to ruling the world is writing a blog.

Speaking of Michael Hutchence. Every time I hear INXS now, I think, “how tragic”. Poor troubled guy killed himself in ’97. He wrote some of the best pop/rock songs of the 80s, and really early 90s. Somehow he was able perfect a kind of ambiguous sincerity that was fun and moving. And made you move. Then, 8 or so years later, his band destroys whatever class they may have still had by doing that stupid ass reality show. I mean I have no idea if INXS would have stood the test of time, or would have remained too much an 80s pop band to speak to future generations, but I still did not need to see that shit go down. I know those wanted to make a buck, but please. Hopefully folks will have forgotten about that sad program, and when I play INXS at my next dance party, they get down.

You have probably guessed by now, that this post has no theme. Sorry about that.

But I do want to thank everyone for coming to my birthday celebrations! I can’t regale you with tales of debauchery and mayhem, because of the Feds. But I can say that highlights included a delicious lemon cake, wonderfully silly drawings by a young budding street artist, and lots of great friends. Oh, and scotch.

Okay, sorry the wit and whit is lacking today.
Let me get in one review:

Diving Bell and the Butterfly the new film by painter/filmmaker Julian Schnabel (Basquiat, Before Night Falls). Great movie, top 3 from 2007 for sure, maybe the best. Painfully beautiful. I wish to speak about it in the most vague terms as I feel like you have to experience this one for yourself. You should know that it concerns a man who has “locked-in syndrome” and can only move his left eye, but retains full mental capacity. Needles-to-say, it is not light fare. But great movie, stellar direction (Julian won the best director at Cannes), and superb acting. 4 Molos

I am still dying to see There Will Be Blood.

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carrie said...

So I owe to you my love for INXS? I never knew.

Happy Birthday Baby Brother.

I wrote for you today too! Don't mind the fun at the end, okay? :)