Monday, February 23, 2009

And the Oscar goes to....

The Oscars. Didn't see them. Have no idea how Wolverine did as host. Don't really care either. I do want to see the new Wolverine movie though. That will be good. Despite not watching the 'scars, I did, just now, tally up my guesses and found that I only picked 12/24 looks like. 50%. That's terrible!

I am very surpized! Granted, about half of my guesses were pure random. I did only see 7 of the films that were nominated in the main catagories-so I guess 50% ain't all that bad. (those 7 include Wanted, In Bruges, Ironman )

I was glad to see Kate Winslett win an Oscar. Half of the time it seems like they just give out these awards almost like "make-up calls" in basketball. Like, we really should have given you an award years ago, for when you were really really good, but we were dumb, so now you can have this for when you were just okay. (see: Martin Scorsese) Winslett was the winner this year in that vein. Perhaps some day Gus Van Sant will have his turn.

Shame that Mickey Rourke didnt' get the nod. I figure that a couple things happened with that. One, he is kind of a scary freak and just a bit too rebellious for those voters. Two, probably a bit of backlash, after his winning the Spirit Award and Golden Globe, and all the allocades...I think that maybe people had just heard enough about Mickey, so they went with the always stellar Penn. Okay, fine. Whatever...

So, here's to the most bland Oscars in recent memory, with the least exciting bunch of movie nominated!

At least I won my bet and now Cristin owes me a buck.

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