Monday, April 13, 2009

The Expendables makes me expandable

I know i know, you are thinking...with all the amazing movies coming out this year, what could Hollywood possibly have up it's sleeve for 2010?

Well, how about The Expendables, a movie about a team of, well, expendable mercenaries are hired to overthrow a dictator in South America (who is not modeled after Hugo Chavez I'm sure). Sounds pretty much like every action flick from the 80s, right? Boring as hell, right?


Why you ask? Because check out the cast said to be working on this film: Jason Statham, Mickey Rourke, Slyvestor Stallone, Arnold Schwarzeneger, Jet Li, Brittney Murphy, Dolph Lungren, Danny Trejo, and even Eric Roberts! Other than Brittney, all certified ass-kickers. If only we can get a cameo from Chuck Norris this will be the


In moments of adolescent testosterone-filled dreaming I have never come up with such a delightful cast.

2010. Can't wait. I think I'm almost more excited for this than I am for Where the Wild Things Are.

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