Friday, June 11, 2010

Molorazzi at BLITZ - June 2010

Last night was the one-year anniversary of BLITZ! the official Capitol Hill Art Walk.  Cap Hill has been giving Pioneer Square a run for it's money with fun, innovative galleries showcasing some of Seattle's best and brightest artists, with the galleries Vermillion and Grey Gallery leading the way.  Last night was no exception, both the Cyptomenagerie show at Vermillion and the Greg Boudreau/Robert Hardgrave + highlights from other Grey Gallery artists (Emily Pothast, etc) on the mezzanine level kicked ass!  While it was a bit of a sad note as Erik Guttridge is having to give up his current location for Grey Gallery, it was still a hell of a send off and he will fine a new spot on the hill very soon.  And a great place to have the the City Arts Art Walk Awards event!  And to top that all off, we headed over to Unicorn for stunning psychedelic visuals for the PENETRATION show.

Gallery 40, parked in front of Vermillion.  I really like the battery-powered lights
Michael Alm in front of one of his sculptures
Vermillion was a packed house, once again!
Artists Shaun Kardinal and ERIN Frost in red.
work by Jody Joldersma

writer Ben Thompson and musician Brian Cervino
artist Michelle Anderst, with friend/artist Laura
another couple works by Jody
Zoe William's creepy bunnies
Yoko, Wynne, and Joey choosing the nominees for the Art Walk Awards at Grey Gallery
Greg Boudreau and his work
small works by Emily P. upstairs
 Robert Hardgrave in front of one of his works
Anonymous voter choosing her pic for best of the artwalk!
Joey Veltkamp doing his thing
Yoko talking about her nomination
Joey and City Arts Editor/writer Bond Huberman at PENETRATION
Bond, Molorazzi, Jared are forming an electronic noise band called "My Girlfriend at the Time"

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