Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Tiger's Lament

 Trevor Johnson and I have been hard at work on a mini-golf hole for the Kirkland Arts Center Links Invitational

Read all about it on City Arts Blog

Here is the artist statement about the show:

Tiger Woods is widely recognized as the most famous athlete in the world.  He has done more to promote the game of golf and to break down racial boundaries in a very exclusive  game than any athlete before.  His stardom and success has made millions, billions for the companies he endorses and the game of golf in general.  Tiger was better than everyone, and he knew it.  Nothing could touch him.  Except, well, for the women.  Tiger's Lament explores how far one can fall when one thinks, as Tiger himself put it, that he thought he "could get away with whatever [he] wanted to" and that he  "...deserved to enjoy all the temptations...".  Tiger thinks "it's not what you achieve in life that matters, it is what you overcome."  Tiger's Lament challenges you to overcome some of the same obstacles that he has been facing over the last several months, with putter and ball in hand.

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