Saturday, July 24, 2010

MOLORAZZI @ Capitol Hill Block Party - Friday night

Damn that will-call line was long!  Thankfully I ran into my friend Kara and cut in halfway up.  Block  I didn't go last year, and I had for gotten how sardine-like the event was.  Even with a better layout this year, it was still insanely cramped to try to get up to the main stage at all.  Oh well, it's a concert, right?  Highlights for me were Shabazz Palaces and Champagne Champagne.  I really didn't get much out of seeing Yeasayer or even MGMT live, but then again, by the time MGMT came on, all the kids were freaking out and the crowd felt agressive - so I bailed.  Funny thing though, the sound from the 76 station on the back of the stage wasn't half-bad, and completely free.  So long as you didn't mind standing next to some cops.

Here's a couple pics from the event -

This is what all the bands looked like till the sun went behind the buildings
Shabazz Palaces!  Highlight was Butterfly's purple get-up
Champagne Champagne put on a great show
Everyone was envious of these guys.

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