Saturday, October 29, 2011

Crunk Reflect Raked

 Last week at Studio Group I asked the group to help name my new series of abstract paintings.  I've never enjoyed naming my more abstract works, I have a tendency to want them all to be untitled, but at the same time, it is nice to give them a name, even if it's an arbitrary name.  So we ended up doing an exercise where we all wrote down some words on scraps of paper and put them in a bowl, and then we randomly selected from the bowl, 3 words, that would in turn become a title.

It was quite a fun, absurd way to come up with titles for these paintings, and the first thing we learned was that 3-word titles can be too silly, but there were some great 2-word titles that could be pulled out of the longer titles.

Here's all the titles that we came up with:

Chop Teeth Exhaust
Crunk Reflect Raked
Lute Shaped Changing
Mammoth Word Facet
Limited Kamp Iron
Removed Location Comely
Storm Strands Bone
_______ Sleeve Beleager
Ridge Explorer Extracted
Seductive Dimensional Wish
Drawn Above Believe
Striation Cluster Carved
Japan Achromatic Ambiguous
Sediment Corduroy Cushion
Floating Vein Wrinkle
Bonded Amalgam Spider
Pupil Cyclical Glass
Potato Field Scraped
Temple Spaghetti Crater
Beard Formed Agile
Moving Bunched Let
Winter Sound Set
Aspen Sunbeard Land
Spire Tithe Being
Vestibule Erect High&Low
Galaxy Staff Hapless

There are some winners in this list for sure, and we pulled some nice shorter titles out too, like, "Storm Strands", "Floating Vein", "Sediment Cushion", "Field Scraped", "Dimensional Wish", and "Mammoth Word"

So for this next series of abstract paintings, I'm going to pull all my titles from that list!

Let's start with this work, which I'll call...."Sediment Cushion"

Thanks Studio Group!


erin said...

Thank You Ryan!!! There's truly something to the random creative process brought on by a group. So glad to have participated.

Troy Gua said...

Yay! So fun! And I named 1/2 of the first one - woohoo!! Thanks for letting us in on your process and allowing us to be part of your bid for immortality (not the vampire stuff, the art stuff).

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Jennifer Zwick said...