Friday, November 4, 2011

On being filmed for Art Zone with Nancy Guppy

I remember the first time I saw video of myself - it was when some of my art school friends were messing around with a camera in the studio, and they taped me painting and asking questions.  Watching the footage later really weirded me out.  I don't think to that point I really knew what I sounded and looked like to other people, and it was disturbing.  Basically, there's a disconnect between how I would like to appear to other people, and how I actually appear to others. 

Granted, I was in my early 20s, and just really figuring out myself and what the hell I was going to do with my life (art).  Still, I've never felt comfortable being the center of attention, and being filmed, well that's not only the center of attention but also a permanent record of awkwardness.

You'd think, that being near 35 now, and having grown up somewhat, done a few interviews, been taped a few times, that I would finally be okay with this sort of thing and not mind watching myself on film. But today; I saw the episode of Art Zone with Nancy Guppy that we taped last week, and there I am talking to the camera, and I can't watch it.  Not at all.  It still weirds me out. 

But y'all can take a look:

I am grateful for the press and it was a pleasure working on the piece, but who is that guy? 

Here's a few images of the pieces that are going to be in the SAM Gallery show on November 10th (reception 5-7pm) 

 Sluicing Down Beacon Hill

 The Denny Regrade 2

The Diners

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