Wednesday, November 23, 2011

2012 Art Walk Calendars are out

The good folks at Print Zero (Brian Lane and Jess Rees) have created another limited run of artist-created Art Walk calendars for 2012.  I was happy to give them an image this year - here's the result:

These hand-printed, beautiful calendars can purchased online for only $10 plus shipping (pre-order right now); and they will be available in select locations like Ghost Gallery, very soon!  Contact the folks at Print Zero for details 

The other artists asked to participate are Troy Gua, Joey Bates, Allyce Wood, Kelda Martensoen, Robert Hardgrave, Todd Lown, Dennis Raines, Jess Rees, and Kim Van Someren - a stellar group for sure!  Here's some more of the calendars:

Allyce Wood

Joey Bates

Troy Gua

Jess Rees

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