Friday, October 12, 2012

October BLITZ! Cap Hill art walk 2012

Tonight I went to The Pine Box to check out Vanessa Lang's work, Cairo to see Shaun Kardinal's work, Ghost Gallery For Jess Rees and Vermillion for Robin Crookall and Michael Alm - and caught some of the OCnotes set.  What a fantastic art walk, very epic and a nice distracting way to spend the evening before the very stressful (for me, but you all should come and have fun) day/night at the Frye tomorrow, as we have the reception for the Mw show. Also, please, if you see me tomorrow night, forgive the dazed look on my face, and don't even try to talk to me.  I'll be..distracted, to say the least. 

Here's some pics:

 Vanessa Lang @ The Pine Box

in progress shot of one of Shaun Kardinal's pieces - this image stolen from his website, as oppose to crappy blurry photo I would have taken.  Showing at Cairo.
Here's one of Shaun's completed pieces in the Cairo show, Connotation 38, borrowed from his website here

 Jess Rees @ Ghost Gallery

 Ready for your close-up Jess Rees?

 classic molorazzi pics

 More Rees - these magnet based pieces are way...I mean way better looking in person, they are so elegant, so simple but fascinating, go see them!

 More Jess Rees, Really liked these 2 works!  Sorry for the dark photos


 Red-eye pics of Michael Alm, Laurie Kearny and Robin Crookall

 Michael Alm @ Vermillion

 Robin Crookall @ Vermillion

 Robin Crookall 

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