Saturday, November 10, 2012

Currently showing in the TK (nov '12)

So I finally caught some of the current shows in the TK building, Julie Alpert's Tableau Vivant at Gallery4Culture, Handbound at SOIL, Arrest Me at Punch, and Kate Protage at Core gallery.

Here's some some molorazzi art shots (quick and dirty, apologies to the artists) from my walk-a-bout:

 Julie Alpert at Gallery4Culture

 Kate Protage at Core

 Chris Thorson at Punch - some of those butts are actually little paintings

 Brooks Dierdorff

 Kelly O'Brien (on right)

Lacy Draper

 Amie McNeel

 Tony Sonnenberg (in front)
a lousy shot of the video projection, which had 3 pieces, all good, by Ellen Mueller, 
Rodrigo Valenzuela, and Liz Rodda
Serrah Russell

 Jess Rees at SOIL

 more work from the Handbound show at SOIL

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