Sunday, February 24, 2013

Brian Cypher at LxWxH + High Fiber Diet at BAM

I finally caught the Cypher show at LxWxH and the High Fiber Diet invitational at Bellevue Arts Museum this weekend.  Today is the last day, I believe, to check out the High Fiber Diet show, however, there's also a very interesting show featuring artist whose work is about or uses currency.  I was surprised by the level of craftsmanship in many of those works.  Very lovely.  Check that out.

Brian's show can be seen by appt through March 2nd, and I believe there may be some open hours next Saturday (check with the gallery for that info).  

Here's some shots from both shows:

 Brian's work is quite stunning

I had to get in one awkward molorazzi-style shot and here we have it!

Below are a selection of works from the BAM High Fiber Diet show, some artists I didn't remember the names of, apologies to those artists (it's not you, it's me, I'm bad with names!) :

 Howard and Lorraine Barlow

 Tiffany Pruitt  My Dead Pets

 Paul Komada

 Margie Livingston

 Amanda Manitach (lousy shot of this video)

 Carolyn Hopkins 

several of the artists work i the show reminded me of Mandy Greer's work, especially her big exhibition at BAM a few years ago.

 Allison Manch

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