Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Molo at the Movies: Star Trek Into Darkness

Now showing:  Star Trek Into Darkness in theaters and IMAX near you, in case you hadn't noticed....I caught it last night and I have to say, it was a hell of a lot of fun.  This summer is starting off to be an excellent summer of escapism blockbusters, finally...finally these films seem to be living up to their hype.  Either that or I'm just more easily entertained these days.  Well that's a discussion for another day. 

 If...and I mean if, I wanted to be an asshole and complain about this movie, I'd probably say that it is almost too relentless; it's basically non-stop from start to finish.  There are quiet moments here and there for a laugh for for say something like this:

(click on this for a story on this gratuitous underwear shot)
(for a story on Molo's Sketchbook's usage of this gratuitious shot ...well...too bad)

But overall it's non stop from the get-go.  Almost to the point of overwhelming the story...I still feel like I'm catching my breath a bit.  

But damn, they did a great job - there's a lot of well done tie-in to Star Trek 2, done very cleverly and amusingly and with homage.  The script is spot on, the casting continues to be very impressive - all of the previous cast returns and the addition of Robocop as a Star Fleet Admiral is nice (Peter Weller, to the uninformed).  The directing, the acting, including the new villain...all done well. 

Star Trek:  Into Darkness 
4 Molos  

2013  director:  JJ Abrams, Starring new Kirk, Spock, the other Spock, Simon Pegg, Robocop, Sherlock Holmes, 2 semi-clad girls with tails, Zoe Saldama and basically all these pretty people:


The 2013 Molo List:

The Place Beyond the Pines  4 Molos (2013)
Star Trek Into Darkness (2013)
Hunger 4 Molos
Perks of Being a Wallflower 3.5 Molos
Magic Mike 3.5 Molos
End of Watch 3.5 Molos
Dredd  3.5 Molos
The Sessions 3.5 Molos
Flight 3 Molos
Evil Dead  3 Molos (2013)
Life of Pi  3 Molos
Searching for Sugarman 3 Molos
Mission Impossible-Ghost Protocol  3 Molos
Cosmopolis  2.5 Molos
Ted  2.5 Molos
Seven Psychopaths  2.5 Molos
Lawless 2 Molos
The Hobbit 2 Molos
Little Birds  2 Molos
Arbitrage 2 Molos
Jack Reacher 1 Molo (2013)
Taken 2  1 Molo

Top 10 Best movies of this year (ever-changin):

#1  The Place Beyond the Pines
#2  Star Trek Into Darkness
#3  Iron Man 3
#4  Evil Dead
#5 Jack Reacher (this is really just a placeholder, this movie was terrible!)

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