Friday, April 9, 2010

Molorazzi Strikes Again - Cap Hill Art Walk: Ghost Gallery Grand Opening + Erin Frost @ Square Room

Curator Laurie Kearney has staked out a permanent location for her formally roaming Ghost Gallery at the old Crawl Space (RIP) spot with gallerist partners Cait Willis and Justin Smith.  They hosted a lively grand opening exhibition during the BLITZ (still a horrible name for an art walk) of 30-odd artists who have shown with GG over the last few years.  It was THE PLACE TO BE.  How do I know?  because the Sleeping Lady was there and she always hits the best art shows.  (if you don't know what I'm talking about see this

Check it out-

 Sculptor Trevor Johnson and The Sleeping Lady admiring some art/jewelry 

 Anita Snax posing next to Kelly O's portraits of him

Who is The Sleeping Lady, really?

Some mysteries are best left unsolved...

Writers Johnny Horton and Greg B. with Trevor, I think Greg was using his pen as a sword.

Curator Cait Willis posing in front of one of her roller-derby paintings

Video Artist/Filmmaker Matthew Witschonke

After hanging at Ghost, we headed over to Square Room to check out Erin Frost's saucy self-portraits!  Square Room has re-invented itself as proper gallery as oppose to the more art-boutique retail space of the past, check it out!

That's Erin enjoying a good laugh in the foreground, with Shaun K.'s head poking out of hers!

Jaminson and Kara enjoying a cold one, with Erin's photos in the background.

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Lele Barnett said...

Re: sleeping lady
Her name is June.