Friday, April 2, 2010

Molorazzi Strikes First Thursday

Last night I escaped the studio and hit up a bunch of great shows around the square! And I brought my camera!

I recommend seeing all these shows this month: Chauney Peck @ Soil, Jennifer Campbell @ 4Culture, You're So Cool @ OHGE, and, of course, Meet Greet Rinse Repeat @ Monarch Contemporary

Sharon Arnold and friend in front of one of Chauney Pecks work at SOIL

Troy Gua and the Collaborati's work at Monarch

Troy Gua and Collaborati Robert Hardgrave

Collaborati Cristin Ford posing coyly next to her work

Collaborati Chris Sheridan "posing" next to his glyph

I caught Joey Veltkamp as he bounced between shows gathering nominees for the City Arts Art Walk Awards later at the Hideout

OHGE was packed. Also, I had about 5 conversations of how to pronounce the name of the gallery...which I think is really a sign that their rep is building! (I think it's Ohhhh-geeee)

Joey announcing the winner of The Best of Artwalk: Margot Quan Knight.


sharonA said...

Yay, what an awesome collection of images! :D

sharonA said...

what an *awesome* collection of shots, bravo! :D

Joey Veltkamp said...

What a great recap, Ryan!

Molo said...

Thanks guys! (sorry I took so long to "approve" - I need to change a setting on here or something)