Sunday, August 1, 2010

Brief Sunday Art Walk

It's a lot harder to go see art on Sunday in Pioneer Square than it used to be, as a lot of galleries have decided to close on Sundays.  I still saw a couple interesting things, though, check 'em out -

Klara Glosova's skates in the window at SOIL, part of the Xanadu show opening this week.

   I have about zero interest in the Picasso show that will be opening at SAM this fall to everyone's delight, but damn if this mural isn't pretty bad ass.

Trevor Johnson's floating sculptures at Zeitgeist

There has been some interesting site-specific sculptural work happening in Occidental Park....
which is always a nice surprise for those of use who travel through that area...makes it easier to ignore all the tourists and the drug dealers/users (which make up about 80% of the Pioneer Square street demographic)


Amanda said...

Hmmm, so Pollock 1, Picasso 0. I'm keeping track as we lead up to your studio group, since you're a painter's painter and all. ;-]

Molo said...

Whether he's a great artist or not, Picasso made some great pictures, it's just that I've seen most of them, at least the ones that are in country. I don't need to see the randoms that will be shown (granted there might be a few decent ones, but not enough to get in a tizzy about).


Molo said...

Or, how about this:

Pollock 3
Picasso 2
Bontecou 7
Doig 4
Manitach 2

Molo said...

[never post when tired]

Amanda said...

No no, keep going, please!