Thursday, October 7, 2010

Matthew Witschonke and Jenny Jenkins showing at the Baby Seal Club

Last night Matthew Witschonke and Jenny Jenkins installed their exhibition in the gallery right outside of the Baby Seal Club.  While Matthew is primarily a video artists (I did not get any images of his video work) he also is hanging delightful drawings, which he said were a family portrait!  Jenny installed several large canvases which photos do not do justice (far too lush and too much texture to be picked up with my camera) and a series of b/w prints about a happy plastic couple.

Here are some images I snapped last night-

drawing by Matthew Witschonke

Photo Installation by Jenny Jenkins

I really enjoy Matthew's text in his pictures; it reminds me of the website unhappy hipsters 

More work by Jenkins

Stop by tonight and see the work in person -  6-10pm. tonight, at the Baby Seal Club,  619 Western Building.  3rd floor south.

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Sky Christopherson said...

Really great stuff! Thanks for the post