Thursday, October 14, 2010

The Portrait Challenge at Seattle Art Museum

Hello everyone!

I'm pleased to announce, that for the duration of the Picasso show (through February 13th) The Portrait Challenge will be in the Seattle Art Museum's Think Tank space! 
The installation features hundreds of new model pics for the public to draw; including celebrities like Lebron James, Clint Eastwood, Tracy Morgan, and of course, Lady Gaga. 
There will be tables, chairs, pencils, pens and clip boards for your drawing pleasure!  The Portrait Challenge will continue to be updated on the flickr page  and you can check it out on Facebook.

So take a break from Picasso and swing by The Portrait Challenge.  The show is located at the top of the Grand Staircase, in the Think Tank space. 

Also, I will be on hand on a few select days to take new model pictures!  Stop by and Become the Model!  Have you ever wanted to be a model?  Now's your chance!  Stop by and become the Model this Saturday for SAM's Community Day or come in November for SAM Remix (Nov 13th).

Even if you don't everyone to be drawing your visage, swing by and say hello! 

Keep creating!

Here are some installation photos (more to come of the events):


Anonymous said...

This fantastic, I will be attending this show!

Anonymous said...

This is a fantastic show, I will have to attend!