Friday, January 7, 2011

MOLORAZZI - First Thursday Art Walk ATTACK

Okay, I only took a few photos, and mostly of art work and not people, so this is hardly a traditional MOLORAZZI photo post, sorry everyone.  But it was a good art walk night!  I enjoyed the work of Jeffrey Simmons at Greg Kucera, Victoria Haven's "No Fun" piece at Kucera, Carolina Silva at Lawrimore Project, and Evan Blackwell's cut-up frame sculptures at Foster White.  The new CORE gallery looks very promising and the show at SOIL was a lot of fun.  I kind of want to go back there and see if I can completely cover that hummer with white chalk.

 Evan Blackwell at Foster/White

 More Blackwell
 Carolina Silva at Lawrimore Project
Notice the small stream of sand falling from the ceiling?  That will continue for the duration of the exhibition, I'm very curious to see how it piles up on the desk and chair...

 Scott Trimble at SOIL.  You too can draw on this car!  I don't know if they will let you bring your own chalk, and I'm not suggesting that anyone bring some different colors...but.....

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