Sunday, January 9, 2011

Winter at Season Gallery

Robert Yoder's house gallery, Season continues to impress.  I headed up there on snow-flurry filled Sunday (fitting, for the winter exhibition) to check out the show, I am here, mo fo!, featuring work by Philip Miner and Ruth van Beek.  The majority of the work was hung together, in a large wall installation in the main gallery (aka living room).  A fire was roaring and champagne was flowing, the opening reception felt like a festive afternoon gathering of art enthusiasts, which, in fact, it was.

Installation of works by Philip Miner and Ruth van Beek     

These days artists often talk about and question whether or not the gallery system is still a viable option.  It's great to see a home gallery by an artist, showcasing seasonal shows and maintaining a stable of artist's work for sale.  The bedroom is the spot to be to view portfolios of past Season artists like Natalie Hausler. There is a lot of impressive work and talent represented up in Ravenna.  Check it out.
Season gallery artist portfolios displayed on the master bed.

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jessica bonin said...

this is just what the art community needs. everywhere. i have avoided galleries my entire career because i don't feel comfortable inside. but a living room...that's just my speed!