Saturday, July 2, 2011

MadArt Homes, Install Day 1

HUGE THANKS to Sean Clemmons, Jess Rees, and Laura Dean for invaluable assistance today!  There is no way I can get this project done w/out the help of my generous friends.

Here are a few shots from the installation, day 1, of the MadArt Homes project.  Sean and I painted the walls grey, then Jess, Laura and I tackled the big drawing, the hardest part being cutting out all the shapes with exact-o knifes!  Pain in the ass, but great progress was made.

I'm exhausted, but looking forward to more work.

I managed to install one of the sculptures on top of the drawing towards the end of the day - it looks very insane.  Violent, actually.  I'm happy with that and can't wait to install the rest.

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