Friday, July 15, 2011

MadArt Homes Pre-reception Reception

Last night was the pre-party reception, the small affair, for the MadArts show and I would love to congratulate all the artists for putting on a spectacular, fun, engaging show!  Hats off to Alison Milliman, Brian Ohno, Ariel, Jessica, Rodrigo, Charity +everyone else and the slew of volunteers for producing a fantastic show and a great party!  Wonderful spread! 

Here's a few shots from the evening, and remember, everyone is invited on Saturday from 4-7 for the public opening!  Details here:  Mad Homes

 above, artists Meg Hartwig and Laura Ward by their respective pieces! 

below, me with Jason Puccinelli/Elizabeth Potter's lady:  

 Things may have gotten a bit feral towards the end of the evening...

Allan Packer's installation is fantastic - and must be seen in person to appreciate:

 Amanda Manitach text/slide projector piece + a fuzzy pic of Troy Gua's house: 

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Anonymous said...

Great pics.. I'm really glad we could bring the grands to this. Thx for featuring them!

There was not ONE installation that didn't inspire a thought or comment.. looking forward to more.

and, xxxooomom